Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pleats and tractors

So in the past few days we are suffering from sever noise just 2 yards from our house , because a new house is starting to be built. I can see the tractors from the basement , through the bar window in the upper floor and it feels like I am being attacked by some scary transformers or something.

In the midst of all of this I am dealing with not being able to find a single room in our new place where I can take some decent pictures so I have had to go to the outside and use the house's exterior as background. I don't feel the magic so I will need to sort it out.
I miss the light we had before we moved, although it was really small, we had noisy neighbors and a soccer field right under the building, which was very loud.

Wow, this turned into a rant! I really didn't mean too. I guess the thumping from the tractors drove me insane today.
Nevertheless, a new dress for summer and some of my view :)


  1. Agh,I know what you mean about noise.I like your new dress,though!Despite having different lighting,it's still good pictures.

  2. Thank you Jennifer. It is so hard to take pictures outside in the Israeli summer though. It is boiling! But when the noise is over I will be happy again :)

  3. I think you found a great spot for photos! I was just thinking how nice the light was on those pretty rosettes.


  4. Oh yes Tamia , it is nice but it is the old apartment :( I photoshoped the new background in there but the light was just magic there .
    but I will work on it!

  5. I just stumbled upon your Etsy shop and absolutely love your clothes. The style and cuts of the pieces are stunning. I think they look gorgeous no matter what the lighting is like. :)